About IDS Invoice Tracker

IDS Invoice Tracker – What is it?

Invoice Tracker is an IDS portal that provides customer suppliers visibility into the status of their invoices (e.g. received, processed, approved, awaiting payment, paid).  It is a reflection of the information in your customers’ Accounts Payable system.

It is designed to provide invoice status information to suppliers such as yourself so that you no longer need to contact each customer to acquire this information.

Value to Suppliers

  1. Fewer Phone Calls – spend your time analyzing your accounts receivable rather than calling each customer.

  2. Treasury Management – plan your cashflows more accurately.

  3. Timely Resolution – identify and address invoice related issues early in the payment process, ensuring more invoices get paid on time.


  • Nightly, IDS receives a file of status updates for invoices from participating customers.
  • The invoice file includes invoice date, invoice number, amount, and processing status.  Supplier tax codes will be used to identify the proper supplier.
  • All invoices are posted (i.e. invoices that are received by the customer on paper, through IDS or through any other means).
  • Suppliers may view their invoices, at one time, across all their customers that participate in the service.
  • Secure login user ID and password will be provided upon registration.

Supplier Home Page

When a supplier signs on they see the total number of invoices outstanding by Customer Group, i.e. the number in () brackets e.g. 2803.
Supplier Home Page

This area displays the Users Name and the number of invoices that have been purchased, the number of invoices that are available i.e. how many more invoices can be loaded to IDS Invoice Tracker without a further subscription and the percentage of  the purchased invoices that have been used.  This section assists the supplier with managing when to purchase more transactions.

View Each Facility and the number of invoices – Drill down into each facility

Facility List

A supplier can view the total number of outstanding invoices (in brackets) at each facility. Then a supplier can drill down by facility or invoice number or a date range.

View All Invoices – a Facility at a time

Facility View

Search For Invoices based on Invoice Date within a specific date range.

Invoice Date Search

Search for a specific Invoice by Invoice Number
Invoice Number Search